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Originally posted by ROB89M3
Hey Randy,what was YOUR excuse when everyone cruised to Milton thinking there would be a BBQ at Bimmercruise 2001?

There is bound to be some problems here and there when you gather a large group of people/cars together.

At least I made the effort to try and organise soemthing. Most people don't want the hassle of planning/organizing.....

Give credit where it is due.

1 more thing,this is the last cruise/meet I will be organizing...
I feel it is the job of the people who run/moderate the site to organize maxbimmer events. just my $0.02
Rob, Moderators are here to basically take care of the forum, and to keep an eye out on how things are going. If there are some posts that may offend people, They are here to delete or alter them. Every member including you are able to organize your own unoffical maxbimmer meet. If you feel that it is too much work for yourself to organize one...then DON"T. I don't think anyone will start crying if you dont orgainize anymore. There will be plently of others where you can sit back and relax Rob...Don't worry.

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