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Yeah the ride back was kinda fun- nuthin like having a huge 7 series looming in the rear view mirror

I gotta get a faster car though. Even with the Dinan chip the car seemed to slow at 215KM, so now I am wondering if the top speed limiter was removed or if the boys at Dinan didn't program it in. And MACIEK was glued to my butt - I couldn't shake him, winder if all that extra ballast in my car had anything to do with that

None the less the only real scary thing was with Rob's M3 when that Camry decided he should be in the fast lane too, with the X5 right behind him I saw Rob's car shudder or swerve a bit - scary.........Lucky that was the 4.6 and not the 3.0 chasing you Rob or you'd have a X5 for a rear trunk ornament.

All in all that was fun but quite dangerous, in the sense we may know what we are doing -but all the other blokes like the Camry dude and the idiot in the Focus didn't. That could have caused a mishap- luckily it didn't, we should all be responsible and careful when we drive - and I geuss I am a hypocrite for writing this but hey its true Till the next cruise.
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