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Going List:

SpudBoy - Orgasimser (Whorganizing)
openwheel - Organizer
openwheel's girl friend - since there's shopping I'll confirm on her behalf...
Slowered318 - confirmed (even if blondes are begging)
bmwm5lover - loves it, toting "mini-Terry"?.
burnhard22 - with that hood ornament?
SOLDOMATIC 325i - Keven needs a day off.
ChrisTO - Confirmed, loves Victoria road 35.
D J Contra: Confirmed to blow serious WHP
1BADBMW - sounds great
Rost12 - has cruised and wasn't busted!
Koncise- no longer worried about "unpaved surfaces"
bimmerpwr- "Schweet" - he's confirmed.
Quack- sporting a 5'er packed with friends
Tlaselva- Cruis'in the Zohhhhhhhhhh6 - confirmed 12 second car/driver.
Zimmie- Confirmed.
E46_lover - he'll love the video perch (better than a blue box)
EMPOWERD - with a friend?
crusher - confirmo
R_JAY - Confirmer

'99 M Coupe - Imola/Imola
Signature Pictures by Alezone

original BMW parts

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