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Talking Re: whats up with that

Originally posted by rarerod-e46
whats up with kissing up to a nissan maxima . yeah there pretty quick but can't even come close to a m3 (e46) so this is a bmw site deadicated to performance and style of bmw's not a maxima kissing contest !!!
german cars are more refined than any jap car old or new !!
You see this post^^^^....this is what I was replying to ok, so I dont know where you stand but it looks like you just got knocked over. The fact is anyone that knows anything about cars doesnt make stupid statements like this. Most people I know that have BMWs - Benzs - Audis - Aston Martins - Ferraris - Lambos - etc are car enthusiasts period, they like nice cars no matter what, and dont have their head stuck up their ass like some of you. The fact is the Maxima is a damn good car for the money period, end of story. Say otherwise and your simply discrediting yourself more and more. Its no M3 yes we know that, damn that took some time to figure out. Sheesh did common sense die or something????
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