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Re: For Sale M3 Vader Seats

Did you have trouble putting them into the ti? Or they were for the M3?

Originally posted by Nik
Vader Seats from a 98 M3. These are not perfect but are in very good condition. These seats are not power. Drivers seat has a small scratch on its lower right side, but it isn't visible when installed in the car (covered by the parking brake surround). The passanger seat has no tears but the seat base, actually the knee bolster leather is hardened from getting rained on. They can be softened with a leather conditioner no problem, but I can't be bothered and I have no time. I wan't $700 bor the two seats.

I am located in Hamilton, ON. email me at, or call my cell at 905.317.6341

i work in mississauga and toronto so delivery in the GTA and surrounding Hamilton is no problem.

these are beautiful seats but i decided to stick to my original seats.


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