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Originally posted by empowerd
Holy BrownGuy!.... your replys are starting to look like BadKarma's.



PS I have to agree with both of you however, my kids won't get Porsches, BMWs or anything else high-end bought for them when they turn 16....

I'll loan them some money to buy a car, but it's going to be a used, fixer-upper type vehicle. Good, reliable, but not new, and if they want/need to do anything to it, they'll learn just how much money owning a vehicle costs...

My dad did the same thing for me, and I learned an awful lot about how to maintain my own car, how to respect what I had, and how much of a PITA it was to fix things, (especially to pay for it!!) when something broke. It was especially good in teaching me how much control I had over what things broke, and what doesn't (ie, making regular oil changes, lube etc etc).

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