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Originally posted by Autotechnica

Does anyone know if the auto-x courses can be viewed before the date we participate in the actual Auto-x? I want to look over the course and get a good feel of how the course is run. Rather than just the few min they give you to walk the course before the actual run.

Think of autocrossing similar to Downhill ski racing. You're only allowed to sideslip the course (i.e. slide sideways down the hill observing the course but not running it). That's the trick of autocross and it gives more competition. It's also similar to rally racing minus the navigator. They don't even get a chance to run the course and rely on notes from the navigator.

I always worry too much about hitting the pilons therefore I often take it caution inbetween pilons on each side, scrubbing unecessary speed off. That's what I need to improve on.
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