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Sorry about that guys, didn't mean to come off that way... I will admit I am jealous to a point, but thats not what i am trying to say.. First.. Why does a 19 year old need 3 cars totalling like a quarter of a million dollars? Second.. I would have no problem with these guys if they respected what they had, understood their great luck, and did not look down upon others... basically had a good attitude.

I didn't mention that i worked soo much to get sympathy or anything from you guys, i'm just trying to explain that while i work hard for what i have, some just get it easy and don't respect their good fortune... Like the guy i mentioned above, he already banged up his porsche slightly, put it in 1st instead of reverse and drove into a truck (minor damage), no understanding of the value of a dollar. Those who know me, know that i could careless what others have or think, all that bothers me is their attitude. It is more of a pet peeve, those who think that they are better than others...

Randy, nah thats not the guy I meant, but he has a similar story aswell... parents car with another 30000 in the motor (400 whp soon to be 600whp... proven dyno). Audi A6 winter beater. But, this guy atleast understands that he is lucky to have all this paid for and doesn't shove it in others faces!

Do you get what i'm saying? If i really wanted, my parents could buy me a car, but why would i? They have instilled a great value in me, to work hard for what i want, and when i get it strive for something greater... Ahh well who am i to be preaching...

ps.. No i dont work a lot just for my car, damn University tuition is a killer!

pps.. i totally agree with Randy, IF i chose to buy my kid a car after they had a job, it would be a lower valued car, or a fixxer upper. With the latter, they would be able to learn the ins and outs of their car, learn the value of a dollar while repairing it, and cherish their possessions.. i would even think this way if i had a ubiquitous cash flow.
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