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I don't think I would get my kid a Saturn. Too much foil for my taste. I'd get something along the lines of 316/318/tds e36/e46, maybe a TDI Golf;at least I'd have peace in my heart knowing that my kid would be relatively safe. However, I completely agree that most of the "kids" that get their cars from their parents as a present take many things for granted, hard work is one of them.


Originally posted by empowerd

If I were a bloody Millionare I still wouldn't buy my kid's a Porsche. If they want to drive fast, then a shifter kart is in order and a lot of track time.... There's no reason a 16yr or 18yd old should have a 300+ HP car to drive his gay friends around during recess. I'll get him a car, something practical (like a Saturn) and if he wrecks it... he's paying for the repair.


Yeah, I'd call it a bit of that.... even I admit to it. It's only human nature. Some people have it good right from the beginning.

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