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Vlad, i don't think you should call brown_guy jealous, to me he sounds like one hell of a guy, that has a good future in store, i mean, how much free time can you have when you work 4 jobs? to me, that IS AMAZING, i ENVY him to be able to do that, i don't think i could do that, it takes so much out of you to work 4 jobs. But, in the future, im sure he will have enough $ to buy his kid(s) or himself whatever he pleases, which is always a good thing...
some people have it easy, some people have it quite difficult, if you parents worked hard for themselves over the last X number of years to buy there child what they want, i don't see a problem with it, as long as the child knows the value of a dollar, and KNOWS what work is and that what he/she has didn't come easy, its the result of hard work, NOTHING comes easy.
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