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I agree totally!! Ask anyone that knows me how hard i work for everything i have... most of the time i don't even get to enjoy my hard earned money

There is a guy up by me that is the epitomy of all that angers me.. To start.. He has a 97 Talon with over 20 000 into the motor (built at Magnus)... 5 days ago he went out with his dad to a BMW dealership looking at another car, but the salesman wouldn't give them the 50 000 that they wanted for their Mercedes trade-in. So they stopped off at the porche dealership, and good old pops signs a cheque over and buys his son a 2001 Carrera 2!!!!!!!! But wait, you can't drive a porsce everyday, soo how do they solve this problem, let's buy him a 2002 325ci (fully loaded) just to get around when he doesn't feel like driving his 400whp Talon, or porsche!!!

Sorry, got kinda pissed when i found this out... and here i am working 4 jobs just to get my car how i want it!
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