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The D/A supercharger is ok in terms of the power increase.
Yup... ordered it from the states... total cost around 6800-7000 Canadian after everything.
Ive run with a few 328 before and beat them on most occasions however... I think the 328 still has more torque despite the higher numbers that D/A claims. 0-60 times are about 6.7 for me.

TRUST ME...... an E36 M3 wouldnt walk slightly from a D/A 318ti.... it would murder it. The E36 M3 has crazy amounts of torque. The gearing is outrageous.

There isnt that much difference between the ti and the coupe in terms of speed and despite the ti having no trunk.... its not that much faster....
Trust me.... forced induction cars never put out the same power as naturally aspirated cars.
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