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Re: Re: whats up with that

Originally posted by Bavarias_Finest
Any Jap car??? Ever heard of the Skyline GT-R, Supra, Silvia, NSX, RX-7, and RX-8. Dont be so hasty to say the Japs cant make a car because the fact is they can make cars they are just more prevvy on making cars that are economical and last alot longer. Of course European is the best at making cars on a overall peformace/luxury level, but the Japs can make a sports car too.

A new Maxima comes with 266bhp and the E46 has 333bhp with alot higher price tag. I dont think anyones kissing up but people on here a car enthusiasts and appreciate fine piece of automotive craftmanship especially if the price is right.

Take RX8 out of your list cause it is crap.
If you notice all cars are Turbo charged, and most a ever Twin Tubo. (NSX is NA)

Maxima got 260hp and M3 is 333hp. 73 hp is a HUGE difference.
Even though Maxima got 260hp acceleration is at the same level as 328 which got 192hp
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