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Originally posted by R_JAY
Believe it or not I had alot of fun except for when the po po blocked me and Mitch in cursed and sweared at us and threaten to impound our rides because we were street racing even though we were just parked. The dude even started pushing down on Mitch's fender saying "your suspension is too stiff, I don't like your rims or your exhaust so go the f**k home before I pull your plates".

I'd do it again though

Bry, the Texas pit was dead when we got there at 3:00
That was pretty much exactly what happened!
See its almost impossible to street race though, cause you can EASILY outrun a few cop cars when they come, but its IMPOSSIBLE to outrun a RADIO!
Everytime we got to another place, BOOM, 5.0 was right there!
coincidence..........hell no!
But ya, tons of fun, i say we hit that up again NEXT WEEK!

The time when we drove by those 3 cops on brakes, and i noticed BRYAN dissapeared, i thought it was cause he got BOOKED!
lol, thank god none of us did though!
Keven Soldo
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