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Post Route Set

Going List:

SpudBoy - Orgasimser (Whorganizing but could get lost and form another meet/cruise on the side)
openwheel - Organizer
openwheel's girl friend - since there's shopping I'll confirm on her behalf...
Slowered318 - confirmed (even if a beautiful blonde is begging?)
bmwm5lover - loves it, trying to think of a good fake illness. Face it Terry you're confirmed. Stoned is ok, at least you earned the stone chips.
burnhard22 - confirmed (I don't care if I have to kid-nap the guy... He'll be there too!).
SOLDOMATIC 325i - Keven needs a day off. Worried about stone chips.
ChrisTO - Confirmed, loves the route.
D J Contra: Confirmed to blow serious WHP
E46_lover - maybe, even tho the coupe is no good for shooting videos
lmao at a guy that thinks a good sports car will be good for video-flatbed heh heh. Jon I can't believe you posted that in a serious sports car thread Re: Z06 vs. s/c M coupe j/k, I'll still give you a drive to the meets even tho you seriously dissed my ride.
1BADBMW - sounds great

10 members confirmed so far.

See you and the the Admin/mods there for sure...

SpudNation II (an openwheel production)

'99 M Coupe - Imola/Imola
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original BMW parts

To mod or not to mod? That is the question
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