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Originally posted by Bad-Karma

Kev, I've been trying to get ahold of you about that.

I was in the shop the other day while little Steve was installing those.

Why the Brembo's, and not AP Racing (or similar)? And if you don't mind, how much? and where (Canada, US)?



PS. The car looks good; I didn't realize you had gone whole hog with the cage and interior.

Thanks for the kind words.

I went with Brembos because I got a fairly decent deal on them. John would have loved for me to buy APs from him but wanted close to $4k for the AP stuff.

I ended up buying the Brembos (which are also not a bad name in the brake world) for about $2700.

The kit was developed by Race Technologies in Cali on the e30 M3 of a firend on mine. The 13" rotor is the same as used by the Mustang Cobra-R. Mine are one piece rotors and can easily be swapped for a 2-pc. setup also used by Brembo on the Cobra-R. The caliper is 4-piston and is the same as used on the Dodge Viper kit.

I'm hoping that the kit is overkill, like everything else I've tried to do with the M3.

PS - Whole hog? Is there any other way?!?! You obviously know what I mean!


/// M3NTAL Kev

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