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Actually, so can I.

And while this may sound a little off-base, but I'd have to disagree with the guy posting pictures of someone else's car on his website. He might say Randy should be honored, but look at it this way. Say I use Pepsi to promote my own website; Pepsi Logos, Pepsi registered in a search engine etc. I don't work for Pepsi, don't have any arrangement with Pepsi, I just happen to like the drink. I'm still stealing someone else's property to promote my website.

In essence, he's using Randy's car to promote the sale of other BMW's that he may be either brokering and/or selling wholesale.

The license plate is clearly visible as well, which would prevent the guy from ever claiming he had built a similar car to Randy's.

I'd suggest billing the guy a percentage (say, 10%) of every car he sells (right off the top, BTW), until such time as he removes the vehicle from the website.

It's also the intellectual property of both Randy and the magazine which took those photographs. Each one of them must give permission to use those photos for something other than the magazine. Perhaps neither one would complain should somebody ask for his / their permission, but to use it without permission constitutes breaking the law.

However, it may not be worth the effort (read: legal cost) to force him to remove those photos from his website.

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