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Originally posted by Bad-Karma

Wait a minute....all that power, and you're limited to 185 Km/h? So, is that rev limiter, or engine limiter? The 3.2 US Spec shouldn't be limited to anything less than 250 km/h, and I would have thought your car had the balls to get there...

Or is the limiter something you've put in place to keep the life of the engine intact? Unless you're geared ultra-short in the final drive (which the 325e was....); I thought you would have swapped that out?

Man, 185 km/h; that's gonna suck on the back straight at Mosport....

Just curious, as that sounds unusual for you...


Hi Pat,

Hope you had a great Christmas. I understand you confusion about the limiter driving down the 400. I did have a 4.24LSD rear end in the car in the spring which limited the car to about 200 (a little on the short side for Mosport). After I installed the blower and did the head work, things had to change drastically because 1st gear was useless. Now I've installed a 3.23LSD and am contenet with it. The speed governor that kicked in (computer controlled) the other day on the 400 HWY was actually on my Honda Wagon. The Bimmer has been stored for the season for weeks. If you view the video in the video section, you can see some of the excitment that took place that evening.

Have a safe and happy New Year...

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