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Originally posted by sonic07
finally got rid off all the dust and took the whole brakes apart and lubricated every pieces then even did undercoting while wheels were off. this is what i hate the most putting tools away .... spend another hour just to put all tools where they belong or else i'll never find them again .....

Hey R_Jay .... i saw you on britannia and glen erin going west on britannia at 5:30pm (sun 24), then i saw your maxbimmer sticker on the window and i was waiving but you were too busy on the cell phone .... then you went north on winston churchill. i was testing the brakes if it was making noise still but so far so good .... no more crappy box noise ......fewwwhhhhh ....
Hahaha I saw the car fly by but I had no idea it was you. I'm gonna do it all over again and grease everything I get my hands on. Glad to hear no more squeeeeel for you. Car looks nice btw.
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and on a side note, why such a massive vagina flex
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