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its been a while since I last posted but....DAMN THIS IS FUNNY SHIAT!!!!!

on another note, its fair to say shamis might have some intellect issues, as far as ahving that many fender benders and fak ups with his car. That however could also be attributed to a anger managment problem (maybe you really do look like Sandler )

However that long ass post you wrote flaming on everyone, most can be applied to you.

ex. Internet tough guy routene, how many fights have you actually been in?

and people get flammed all the time on almost every forum I've ever read (especially honda....stupid honda folk )

so don't take any of it personnaly man, and feel free to flame others, this board WAS a really good place to meet people and get hook ups and crazy ideas, but alas, the inevitable is happening, a flamer fest in the making!!!!

oh btw, breaking off you key in the ignition must mean you got maaddddddddd issues with anger control.
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