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Originally posted by Shamis
So u to are gangin up on me know hmmm

Well from what I can see u two are tough guys online

but u would never say that to me and my boys faces

I know who u are JON, your nothin no stop with the insults with u and soldo cause ur both a bunch of god dam nerds

I dont wanna hear your complainin
hehehehehehe, CUTE, reallllllll CUTE!

In no way am i trying to act tough, and have no worries, whatever i say online i can't say in person, no biggie!
I'm not tryin to start anything, but as far as callin us NERDS..........well me MAYBE, but callin JON a nerd is when i'm gonna have to draw the line!!
Jon is the COOOOOOOOLEST muthf***** i've EVER KNOWN!!
And sorry we can't be as cool as you and hotbox our rides all the time!
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