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m3square: which smell am i searching for?
also I can make the engine turn using the crankshaft...

furious325is: by left side i meant driver side and my car was stored for 6 months, then I took it out for short rides and then the problem occured.

Now you said I could check for fault codes if the belts are off, but can I if EVERYTHING listed is? I don't want to get all codes possible or oil everywhere on the garage's floor

another question:
-Is it normal to have both, exhaust & intake, valves opened at the same time on 2 cyl (1 & 4) and the oposite(all closed) on the 2 & 3 cyl? I know that cylindres work in pair, but can't figure out how intake and exhaust valves can be opened at the same time.

sorry if this sound stupid but i'm new to mechanic, since its my first car

thanks for your help guys, i'm going to check this at last this week-end so if anyone else has a clue.... it's welcome
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