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I think Dundan is talking about delay on the sub?

Do you have a 5 channel Dolby Digital reciever?
Where is your sub located in the room?
Are you playing music in any Sound Field modes like "stadium" or "dolby pro logic"

First make sure your sub "phase" is set to zero, and set "sub out" to main speakers and sub or set main speakers to "small". If your using a sound field mode your reciever could be sending the sub a delayed signal to create ambiance (you don't want this with music) turn your reciever to "effect off" mode. If that doesn't work, move your sub up close to the main front speakers. If you still hear a delay, then it must be the recording. So many crap recordings out there with MP3, FM, Satallite music and all that garbage. Also subwoofer placement in the room is very important, they are very picky so grab an extension cord and move it around till it sound the best where you are going to be sitting the most

I have dolby digital and even with "5 channel stereo" mode it still sounds strange! I really hate the way the surround sound recievers sound with music.. So i have a 2 channel reciever as a backup for when i want to hear true music.

Hope this helps,

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