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changing the polarity of the subs isn't a good idea at all. You want the subs to push OUT during each beat rather than suck in (which is what the wrong polarity will do). If the poles are wrong, you will get lack of power, thus lack of bass.
If you want the bass to be on time, you need another poweramp, or a stronger one. You could also add in some 10" subs to fill in where 15" and some 12" subs don't.
You could also just try playing with your crossover and increasing the Hz level until it gets just enough upper bass frequencies bleeding through that they punch at the right moment.
Also, if you're not already, don't ''colour'' your bass by turning up any of those ''bass-boost'' knobs. Turn them right down, and turn up the volume on the amps so you get the true sound. This can also be a fix for anyone who has muddy bass.

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