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Koncise: You are correct sir! However, after bimmercruise last year I was completely juiced for meets and cruises. I joined maX and wanted to meet/cruise. Spud Nation II will in all likelyhood be right after Bimmercruise 03 (stay tuned... details can't be posted until FINALIZED). I was looking for meets and there weren't any until Autumncruise of 2002. Personally I wanted to cruise the next night! I'm of the opinion that there will be

1) many new members wanting to cruise.

2) many established members that I can GUILT into attending

3) many new and/or established members that will be drawn to the cruise. It will be (IMHO) very well planned and executed. I've really been impressed with the support of the maX members... They attended a meet during a NATIONAL EMERGENCY for God's sake. Some even lined up for gas knowing that the meet was well planned but, due to circumstances beyond my control... DOOMED from the get-go. It went so well I still can't believe it Even the cops were ok with...

a) Expired plates

b) Obviously modified cars using "prescribe equipment" and/or "prescribed substances"

c) Us not paying for parking.

d) They were called because Dave rev'ed his motor! Talk about criminal behavoir... DAVE... BEHAAVE!

in short... It'll be a good cruise... promise.

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