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Cool Spud Nation II

Spud plans... a nice cruise... details will be available on the first post and WILL NOT CHANGE.

Sneek peak: Next private cruise will be a long one... serious roads, serious distance. IT WILL TAKE ALL DAY!!! Tease is the key to a good get-together...

569/Dyno Road/Bancroft

If your car can't travel 10 hours then get CAA or BMW roadside assistance. This will be a cruise not a meet. Details to follow... stay tuned.

SpudNation II - Sadly eastenders the jump point for ALL MEMBERS WILL BE KK in sausage. West end still has the majority. As always looking for serious support for this meet (members/mods/Admin). Randy has the call for the date. Either before bimmercruise or after. We all need to attend bimmercruise. It's our pilgrimage... our history... our tradition. Support bimmercruise or have maX fade into obscurity. Bimmer cruise is the $$$Hit. The BEST... The MOST... it's SIC it's awesome. It's the RANDIEST/DAVIEST/KEVENISTest meet of our

Attend bimmercruise 2003... Details for SpudNation II might be handed out at the Bimmercruise 2003. SpudNation will be THE CRUISE OF 2003.

See you at Bimmercruise 2003!

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