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Well, originally I got the SONY one, and it sucked big time. No IDTAG support, no Long filename support, total crap basically. I returned it and got the Kenwood one. It blends very nice with the dash, the buttons can be either green or red. It looks very plain, just like a regular kenwood deck. Supports IDTAG, long file names.

Overall, I've been very satisfied with it. The only thing it doesn't do is random play accross multiple folders but I can live with dumping all the songs in the root.

Last time I did any research on the mp3 decks was a year ago, since then a lot has probably changed. Look around.


Originally posted by Razkal 320i
Hey Kirasir,

How do you like that deck?? I am looking into getting one of those as well. Any comments/thoughts that you could tell all of us?

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