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There was a few pics taken, but many bimmers were absent from the scene. Mine is being fitted with brembos so its sitting in the garage with no rims, ain't going to get to far that way. Angelo's 328is M was in toronto and Chris' 328i is back at the dealer, end of lease so he has a hard decision as to what to get next. However overall, i think it went pretty well. After drulling over the E46 M3 we got alot of good tips, etc. I believe the next meeting will be planned for 2nd weekend in september, hopefully everyone will be in town and able to make it. and by that time maybe the flyer people will join in. Let me know what you guys think of the 2nd weekend in september. If everything is good, i'll make it then. Oh and Adriano, about the tranny swap, i've been thinking about it and I decieded to lay off, its gonna cost me a pretty penny. Plus, i still have to put on my kit and i've allways had my eye on a 330ci so after the kit, the paycheck goes into the bank and once the 330 goes below 30k for one thats 4 years old i won't mind making a transision. As overseas had a 330ci, carbon black with M package on it, M skirts, bumbers, door stills, the hole deal. Except that was brand new and with a 60K price tag. Which I don't know about you, I can't affrord. Anyway Let me know what you guys think about the next meet. If I see that no one else is comming we might post-pone it, but hopefully in a month we will get some new members and Steph (325ci, silver, convert.)
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