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Randy thanks for that,
I will try and find that car again and try a side by side situation,

happened day after I almost crashed into the Pontiac Trans Am Firebird ´98 V8 I was gaining on him so fast I almost bumped him,

prosumably the Porsche should be quicker but I do have a better 1/4 mile time and a 0-60mph time and my car is lighter and almost as powerful so I think it´s up to the driver,

That day I took the local V-power wich is 99oct fuel from Esso, the car started behaving alot better and runs smoother, it´s some good stuff in that, to bad I can´t buy it locally, have to drive 50km to the next gas station that has V-power.

I still haven´t fitted the piggyback but when I do, I will mod the Vanos, that is what I belive the most gains can be made on this car, later I might have to get another piggyback for ignition wich is also a strong tuning point, fuel is always easy to tune at WOT and not very much to gain in HP, am looking for advanced cam timing on top end to drive the torque up at 7000 as it starts to drop at 6000 slightly, that will be the initial tuning, am looking into 3,2funnels to raise the top end a little, with the vanos tuning I can even gain in the low end despite the 3,2 funnels so possibly more overall with the 3,2 funnels,

This is what I want
I can do most off the work i.e tuning work, but will have to find the ideal cam to suit this application, have been offered KENT cams, can buy group A cams, Shcrick and so on,
This will only get more and more fun,
I think a dry sump will be a must later on as the car will only get lower and driven harder
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