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My new favorite car

I just drove the previous model Impreza RS. I know it's not a WRX. It had modified suspension and that's about it. Anyways, I took it for a test drive because my friend was feeling generous today.

After that I fell in love with this car. The car had a crazy amount of grip. At first I turned into the corner at little too early because I thought it would understeer or go wide. But nope, I amost hit the curb on the hwy 7 and bayview mini ramp. It just turned so fast because of the grip, the tires didn't even squeel. It's such an easy car to drive, you just turn and the friggin car turns! Even when you do break the traction in the rear you just do a really quick countersteer and instantly grip is retained. I love this car to death!

I urge anyone to test drive a Subaru Impreza, it's really quite an experience. I guess great rally cars make great road cars. If I ever buy a second car, it's going to be an Impreza. I know a lot of Subaru owners will be happy to read this because I know there are a few Subaru guys on here.

Has anyone test drove both an Impreza and Audi A4? Which one has better traction?

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