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Bike race...

Okay so it's not motorbikes racing but bicycles, it's still a good story!

I was riding alongside Lakeshore Blvd on the bike path, cruising at about 25-27km/h. I pass this guy on a GT road bike. I'm riding a mountain bike with semi-road tires slapped on for pavement riding; keep in mind my bike is just shy of 30 pounds while the GT roadbike is probably sub 24 pounds!

All of a sudden, he does a flyby and yells something out, then I turned into my car mode and pretended that I was an AA Stage III Turbo E36 M3. I downshifted a gear in the rear cogs and booted it. As he was trying to pull away, I was closing up on him and finally passed him. At the same time it looked like he was running out of juice so I continued pulling till I hit the traffic light and he backs off.

So I cruise again alongside the Don Valley bike path when I see two road bikes flyby. One of them was the GT road bike guy so again I turned into the AA Stage III Turbo E36 M3. I didn't pass them but just kept on tailgating them; then when there was an uphill section (usually advantage for road bikes due to it's lightweight) they start gunning it uphill. Mean while I'm still on his tail and once he started losing momemtum, I gave 3/4's of boost to my legs and just passed him on the uphill section.

What a run and it sure does teach that guy for trying to shut me down thinking that I'm a poser with road tires. If I had a roadbike like his, I would've smoked him like there's no tomorrow!
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