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I've been through a bunch of radar detectors. Currently I'm using the "best one on the market" it's the Valentine 1. What a difference this baby makes over the other peices of shit out there. I've also had many Bell products... 855STI, 945I, 680I and the cordless one too for my bike. Save your money and buy the Valentine 1.... the only one you'll ever need. The cheaper the unit, the more false alarms it gives off.... so annoying around town. And they "say" that cops can't detect them? yeah, because they have VG-2 guard.... what that means is that they TURN OFF internally if a police presence is found... without telling you, then you're vulnerable! Look for one with "stealth" technology like the STI series or the Valentine. The Valentine can only be bought directly from the manufacturer in Cincinattii for $400.00 U.S.
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