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Originally posted by SOLDOMATIC 325i
Easy install too, took me 25mins, TOPS!
man .... 25 mins ! .... that must be with instruction manual. first i was looking where the heck is the chip supposed to go. there was a cover over it and it's between the two board like a sanwich then try to figure out how the two board come apart without breaking anything. from the begining to finish .... it's like 55 minutes ... that's without instruction manual.

after everything bolt on together i was like praying that the car would start and it did .... feeeuuuuuhhhh ...... and took it for a run .... one thing i really notice that the car rev rpm is much smoother accelerate .... i don't know could be just my brain from the stress .... but for sure i'm happy now ... in couple days perhaps take a good run on the hi way ...

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