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Well, it's doubtful you're taking corner 2 at 160 Kph, but it IS a very fast corner.

Relax Rob, we're not doing this to bash you; we're doing this because some of us have been doing this for a few years now, and we're trying to (A) help you learn how to drive better and (B) help prevent you from having a major incident in the future.

Your second *incident* at Corner 2 wasn't lack of concentration, it was more the *red mist* kicking in; you failed to brake for 2, and had to plant the rear end with the throttle to snake your car around the corner. If I were you, I'd be buying Ray a case of beer for saving your car and very nearly your life. If he wasn't in the car with you, you would likely have hit the brakes, and we'd be sending in the flatbed and ambulance after you. The instructors and I had a LONG discussion about it Sunday night as we were packing up trailers...

You'll get there eventually, provided that you stick to it, and attend as many schools as you can. The worst case scenario would be if you attended this one school only, and thought you had nothing more to learn. You've only made a minor *bump* on the learning curve of high speed driving. There are people on this board who could take your car, and run laps around you with it. Randy, Kev, Bruno and quite possibly a few others...

Absolutely, I learn something new EVERY day I'm at the track; I learned several things about myself as a driver, my car (and how it handles....which is bloody AWESOME), and my own personal limits with the car.

Don't worry Rob, this is meant to support you; we prefer to see young students come to driving schools and learn how to drive extremely well, and responsibly, rather than *learning* at lousy, no helmet open lapping sessions, or by rocketing down the 407 at 200 Kph. Just stick with the driving schools, and you'll be an excellent driver one day.

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