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midnight escapade

so anyway, late last night I was at family friends birthday party when his brother had a sudden urge for chips. where not talking bout children. so anyway, he decides to take the corvette out, and I run along to join the run.
So there we are cruising in a 2000, melium edition corvette, or something like that, when a yellow mustang gt pulls up to us. Oh man, talk about the adrenaline rush, we give him a nod, and on the green light where off.
The mustang driver was really into it and he pulled away from us quite fast, and then my dads friend guns it. We catch up really fast in second gear doing almost 100 km hour, but then the stupid traction system kicks in as we shift into 3rd all we hear is the large engine over revving. **** it would have been a classic all american race, but my dads friend forgot to turn the stupid traction control system off. ****. So we smelled burned clutch or whatever it is.. Anyway, we got our chips, and headed home.

damn then i called him a looser driver the rest of the night lol. anyway till next time. Btw that happened at ttwo traffic lights.. after we lost the first tim we tried again. and the same thing happened.
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