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Well, I'll defend Rob a little on this one.

My little *2.5 litre* motor ate up several Mustangs on the weekend; the only one I have some trouble with was Mike's, and his car is both well set up, and extremely well driven.

In the 1/2 hour though, there wasn't enough time to catch Mike, though I was lapping faster than he was. I could sure use some of that torque coming out of turn 5C though...

Jordan's car (if not for the rotor issue), was the quickest Mustang on the track, and pretty close to the quickest car (Bob's E36 and John's E30 M3 might be a little quicker, unfortunately there was little opportunity to find out).

The Mustang's, however, are a lot cheaper to build into a fast track car than the BMW's....sigh...

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