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spanked a civic coupe

i was driving my beater car (mazda 323) going north on 404, as im passing mjr mack exit i notice these really bright lights in my rear view, then this black civic pulls up next to me and the guy gives me a hand signal to run so whatever i was doing about 130 an then i drop it to 4th i heard him gear down I THINK he hit 3rd but i could be wrong(his exhaust was sooooooooo loud) anyways i start pulling on him slowly, i slam it to 5th and kept creeping away, after i hit 180 i shut her down and he pulled up to me again with the thumbs up, i exit off the highway with him following, i stop at a red light and he lines it up, green light drops and i took off, the little mazda smoked the civic off the line, it was pretty funny he was cool about it though
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