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Re: Steering wheel removal...Need HELP!!

I am really not sure where you are having a problem since it's such a simple operation.

1) Undo the 2 bolts
2) Disconnect the airbag(orange connector) and the ground connector

3) Undo the main nut
4) Disconnect airbag connector from the slip ring.

5) That's it


Originally posted by djcontra
So I attempted to swap the steering wheel from my other E36 into my new one (since the old one is MUCH nicer and 3-spoke), but I ran into one snag. On my newer E36, with the 4 spoke steering wheel, I can't figure out how to unhook the airbag wire from the wheel itself! I got it unhooked from the airbag, but it's attached to the main shaft AND weaved through the wheel itself! Does anyone know how I can remove this without cutting the wire itself?? I sat there for 30mins and couldn't figure it out. What am I missing here?

Here's a pic of the steering wheel I'm having trouble removing in case you can help if you've done it before...

oh I the only one who absolutely HATES removing the cover from that style of steering wheel? I had to use a dental mirror just to see what size torx bit to use! what a pain in the ass!

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