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Well after chilling on the Autopia forum or whatever you call it car care forum,
I use
Zymol as my car soap, shampoo wutever you call it
KLASSE ALL IN ONE and the SEALANT GLAZE polishers, works very well. I use a microfibre applicator to put them on, and I finish it off with BLITZ wax. The shine is noticible and the wax lasts for quite a lot time! HA! Almost half a year already!

Umm, and before i use the KLASSE products, I use mothers clay bar to remove any oxidation or grinding rock feeling crap on the body of my car.

Hmm, as for cleaning the rims, i use PS21 wheel cleaner w/a sponge.

I use teh California wiper blade and a microfiber towel to dry the car, just be careful w/the California wiper blade, becase it can act as a "double edge" sword

For leather care, I use Eagle's shampoo and conditioner
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