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Originally posted by WASABI
one particular shop (MMS Tuning) even had pictures of the mounting parts, like plastic sliders for the sides, some sort of glue, and some screws.
first, to answer your question on the rieger kit, with the majority of the new ones, you totally lose the front bumper and replace it with a metal U bracket - the sides of the front apron are then bolted to the front portion of your wheel well and the top of the kit is adheared or bolted to the metal bracket - that's how i did mine cuz we tried it with the front bumper, but my bodyshop (BodyWerks) chopped the bumper up so much it just came apart, so basically, lose it and you'll be fine. just obviously, this reduces your car from a 25mph front collision to a 5 - but that's like standard with all new hondas and stuff

and secondly
MMS tuning sucks - i had no help from them whatsoever when installing my kit because we couldn't figure out how to get it on the bumper - finally, i took it to bodywerks and they just did what i described before. and when i origionally ordered a kit from MMS, then sent be a broken fiberglass one (because i first bought the e36 replica front). the front was cracked!!! and they wouldn't replace it!!! so finally, after arguing for like a month, i paid an assload, got the kit sent back, and he sent me the e46 one...i don't want to have to deal through them ever again!!!
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