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BMWCC AUTOCROSS this Sunday!!!! (June 22nd)

I know a few members are having the swap meet on Sunday (maybe they can move the time from 10am to 1pm??)... we can all head over after the parking lot fun.

I will be running the event this Sunday... i'd like to see more MaxMembers show up to realize how fun it really is. We will be accepting late (sleepy-heads) registrations, but don't expect to get the laps you missed. The event starts at 8:30am sharp at the same location (MDS Sciex - 71 Four Valley Dr, Concord). You can see the building off the 400, just north of Langstaff Rd on the east side.

****************** MAP OF MDS Sciex LOCATION *******************

Here's the BMWCC info on their AUTOCROSS series for further details.

My YouTube video

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