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Re: installing rieger bumper

I already asked at least 10 different people with this exact question. Do you have the German instructions that the bumper came with? Unfortunately I managed to lose mine. If you have the instructions then you could post them here, and someone would be able to translate them.

I am still trying to figure out what the bloody rivets are for. I also have a feeling that the bumper is glued at the top/front with the supplied adhesive since there is absolutely no brakets included with the kit.


Originally posted by ToBimer
i took my car to the body shop to get my rieger bumper installed. thay are having difficulty mounting the bumper. thay are thinking of bolting the top to the piece where the kidneys are. on each side there are slots to side the bumper in , but along the front the is nothing. does anybody know haw this bumper is supposed to be properly installed? if so can u please reply asap as i don't have too much time before i have to make up my mind on how the bumper will be installed. thanks in advance.


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