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Originally posted by bmwm5lover
........just yesterday some kids racing caused a 6 car crash on 400 south just before finch.
oh thats why hwy 400 was fukin closed last night ! I was coming home from Whiskey A Go-Go at around 2:30am and there was a traffic jam on the 400 south. All cars exited at Finch.

christ, it must have been a really bad one !

taken from

"They often arrive with the good weather: people who can’t wait to get out on the roads and burn rubber. But the speed of their vehicles and the idiocy that drives them to over-acceleration sometimes winds up in a worst-case scenario.

Fortunately for three drivers who decided to race overnight Saturday, they didn’t kill anyone. But they came far too close. The crash happened on the southbound 400 near Finch. A BMW, a green Mustang and red Mustang were weaving in and out of traffic when the Mustang hit another vehicle. That touched off a six-car collision that brought police and ambulances to the scene. As a result, two passengers in the green Mustang are in hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

However, it could have been much worse. “A convertible vehicle ended up without a scratch and usually vehicles like that end up rolling and people get killed,” notes P.C. Patricia Dipietro of the O.P.P.

Two of the drivers are youths. They face a variety of charges including dangerous driving causing bodily harm. If convicted, they could lose their license. And the adult could face up to ten years behind bars.

Provincial Police at the Toronto detachment are still looking for a male passenger in the yellow BMW who left the scene shortly after the crash.
This accident comes on the release of a movie glamorizing street racing, “2Fast2Furious.” Officers say films like this celebrate racing but leave out the deadly consequences."
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