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is BMW crazy
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Originally posted by MP328
seriously u wanna tell the cops where u secret location is as well while ur at it!!!! if ur doing this do it over PM dont post it here so everyone can see it.

btw we should go to cauyga again on a sunday i wanna see if the rims made my car slower at all. so lets organize a cruise to cayuga and i'm in
ill be down for the race tracks as soon as my bearing is fixed. i cant race with a ****ed up bearing, too dengerous.
its just an idea. i passed by "there" today, and saw afew cars line up, and some guys were doing donuts, and stuff, its just a cool place to do dumb stuff w/out getting in trouble. there is rarely anyone there, except during the day.
And i might just do that on the HWY! AND ITS NOT on the streets! Racing on the streets is for irresponsible people who think they are kings, and dont give a shyt about people's rides! just yesterday some kids racing caused a 6 car crash on 400 south just before finch.
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