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Welcome to the board 330xi. You're getting a nice car there! I had the opportunity to drive a 330ci and a 330xi back to back one day at a BMW open house and to tell you the truth (and many others felt the same way)... I honestly enjoyed driving the xi more that the ci. If felt like it had a lot more oomph, more nimble and lighter? Now, before everyone replies to this and freaks about numbers and all.... I realize that in theory that's impossible, but if just flet that way. I came back in aww and asked other that day if they felt the same and they all agreed.

I've delt with BC Auto many times and they're prices seem to change according to Bell's mood that day. That means you can bargain with him. If you bring a wad of cash there and are short like $150.00 he usually gives in. Be careful though.... he usually sells fiberglass bumpers (shatters on impact) one thing you might want to think about before installation on a 4WD.

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