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Originally Posted by Redlined View Post
Here the vin for the e36 m3 sedan: EE06663

385 - 1997-1998 BMW M3 Sedan Manual (CD93) - NA painted in Arctic Silver Metallic (309) with Light Grey Nappa Leather (N5TT) interior were built for the US market.

2 were built for the Canadian market.

The most rare option in this car is the option S676A - HiFi speaker system. It was installed on 2,036 out of 4,574 cars.

HiFi speaker system was actually a standard option, which means that more people upgraded to Harmon Kardon system than kept the stock offering. Next, "real", least installed option that your brother's car has is

S458A Electr. front seat adjustment

It was installed on 2,486 out of 4,574 cars.
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