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Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post
Rich, what size piping is the current exhaust? Any plans to change/upgrade it? That single pipe looks rather small for what you are running.
It's 2.5 id seems to follow good for now, it's only flowing 7psi, think turbo cars running high psi need more flow then a charger set up like this

I am planning on some resantors, and quieter muffler lol

Future plans are some wide rims for more rubber contact, hope to have those on before End of summer

Also plan in some stage 2 super charger cams from VAC, an impoved impeller and new bearings for the s/c and maybe upping to 9psi. Probley still keep things at 91 tuning for ease of finding gas, but these are winter projects.

Did I mention its tuned on 91 gas?
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