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well, it looks like its gonna be process of elimination. start swapping out parts. remember, certain parts are hard to come by... disconnect the AFM and see how the car runs.

some of things you can start checking:

air intake leaks

fuel injectors clogged or not opening

fuel pressure to low

air flow sensor flap binding

coolant temp sensor faulty or faulty wiring

throttle switch incorrectly adjusted or faulty

idle mixture incorrectly adjusted

idle speed control system faulty

incorrect ignition timing

poor fuel quality- water in fuel

cold start system operating all the time

faulty L-Jetronic or Motronic control unit (DME)

I think I've had 18 bmw's in 6 years.

1 90 325is white - keepin
1 87 325i vert -red - keepin
latest addition 1 88-325is red - parts
latest addition 1 89-325i vert - white -fixin/sold
latest addition 1 92-318i vert - blue - parts
latest addition 1 87 325is blk - parts.
latest addition as of 2013-Gold 87-325is auto! it's a keeper!
KEEPER 88 5sp Vert 2016

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