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Cool New DD: e39 I6/v8 or another e46?

Just curious to hear some insight from Max members! Vote in the poll or read on to get some context:

Had my '01 330xi for about 4 years now, due to a few accidents and now a few dozen maintenance items piling up, it's time for replacement . Not meant to be my toy, I have an s52 e30 for that role, but I want to enjoy driving regardless.

It has around 275xxxkm now. I loved the car while owning it. It was my first non-e30 BMW and it served well. Thing is, I'm an enthusiast and I'll always crave something different.

I take care of most maintenance myself, and now have a good amount of working space to use. I'm looking at standard transmissions only. I don't have a problem driving rwd in the winter, and will spend good $$ on good snows. That said, my job requires me to come in regardless of harsh weather. Don't have too much of a must-have list, no kids yet and I'm prepared for fuel consumption.

Due to a new house and extensive Renos, extra cash is a bit tight which limits my options somewhat. Budget is $4k - $8k. I've seen some decent looking examples in this range with 200-220km.

That said, here are my top options:

--> e46 330. Sensible choice. I have a few years left on two sets of wheels for this car, and I can swap parts like my dynavin, exhaust and even my new fuel pump, etc. I wouldn't consider another AWD. I wouldn't consider lower than 330. I'm worried that this would still be too similar to my current car, and I would be temped to move on sooner. Sedan or possibly even coupe.

--> e39 I6. More space. Different than an e46. Looks nice. M54 which I'm somewhat accustomed to.

--> e39 540. The most different. Worried about maintenance being much more extensive than the other options. May give me a bigger smile on my face in the long run.

--> anything else? I've glanced at a few e90s, e60s (hard to find for the $$), audis, X3s, etc. feel free to chime in!

Would love to hear from whoever has an opinion or experience. Starting to look around now hoping to have something in the next month or two.

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