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Originally Posted by taherm View Post
@nizoo...thanks for the reply man, i know it's an old thread.

sorry to hear about your misfortune...really sucks when you do all your homework and still get screwed over. i will definitely take your advice and get it from Mike at Maranello. who is your mechanic that you decided to get it done at? and how much did you pay? again, appreciate the help.

just for clarification for others, nizoo's car is a 530i, while mine is a 540i...probably makes the difference in price that he quoted ($310). i was eventually quoted $418 maxbimmer forum member price. i'm sure it would have been cheaper with the return of the core, but i was told they don't do this anymore. i'm not sure what that is but correct me someone if i'm wrong.

i think i'll just bite the bullet and get the one from the dealership even though some are selling online for cheaper. i don't want a sketchy part from an unreliable source.

@nizoo, thanks again, but do let me know about your mechanic.
yeah man no worries, I honestly don't remember how much I paid, its been a while so. my mechanic is a family friend and he helped me out with a price a lot, he even charged almost half the amount for the second install, but it was still a pain in the A$$ to pay more money for something so stupid.

anyhow my mechanic is quite far from you, its here in Kitchener, I noticed you are in Mississauga.. I will PM you his shop name anyways. I don't trust many people with my car, but him I do, he worked for Mercades Benz in Toronto for 13 years or so...

I do recommend going with maranellobmw though, they get you the parts plus warranty for TWO years, parts AND labor..
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